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2012 Artist Incentive Award Recipient

We are proud to announce that the recipient for the 2012 Coalition of Photographic Arts Artist Incentive Award is CoPA member William Zuback. He will receive a $500 cash award to use to help fund one of his upcoming photography projects.
Numerous CoPA members submitted essays written on one of their photographs. We asked them to comment about its context, value, and how it relates to their artistic vision and purpose. Artists were
asked to also explain in detail a future photography project they are planning to pursue (or currently working on) and how the CoPA Artist Incentive Award will help them to complete it.

William’s submission was about his work “The Suspicious Behavior Series.” From Mr. Zuback:
This photograph is one of nine images that make up a visual composite printed on a 40” x 40” piece of metal. The composite is titled “Suspicious Behavior” and consists of three rows of three 12” x 12” images. Each image is in the same style as this one. Nine different individuals photographed from behind, posing in casual unrehearsed and unprovoked manners of their own creation. The idea behind this image and the other related eight images that make up the composite is to play with what you see in front of you and what you add based on your own biases and stereotypes. It is loosely based on the Treyvon Martin incident in Florida. The dark image and minimal lighting plays on seeing beyond what the image provides and filling in the gaps on your own with your distinct set of values and experiences. My work has often dealt with the narrative of “Identity” but I feel that in this ever increasing polarizing social climate it is extremely relevant. Voter ID laws, mandated health care, women health and well-being issues, religion, Wall Street and immigration have all made our citizens more vocal and reactive to legislation and societal behavior that we haven't seen since the 1960's. This photograph relates to my artistic vision completely because I often behave like a fly on the wall, observing and then reacting with visual statements that don't usually close the door but open it wider to peoples thoughts and idea's as they view this and other photographs with their own set of experiences.
Sales of donated prints from CoPA members at the recent one-night only Pin-Up Show make this award possible. Thanks to all who attended this event at The Studio Q and thank you to all the CoPA members that contributed to help support Fine Art Photography. A special thank you to The Studio Q for their sponsorship of this year’s Pin-Up Show.