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Be CoPA's Featured Artist at an ART Milwaukee ART Jamboree

Yellow Shore, by Martha Coaty
Yellow Shore, by Martha Coaty

CoPA is partnering with ART Milwaukee to bring great photographs to the community at their ART Jamborees. With the help of other local organizations, these social experiences bring the work of featured artists to thousands each month at different locations throughout the city.

Member photographer Martha Coaty was CoPA's Featured Artist at the ART Milwaukee ART Jamboree on Saturday, May 19 at Milwaukee Athletic Club, 758 North Broadway in Downtown Milwaukee. For this event, ART Milwaukee partnered with info* Magazine for their 10 year anniversary party, which featured live painting, DJ's and live music, a food sampling from area restaurants and galleries by local artists. The festivities attracted over 2,000 people.

Coaty is an award winning fine art photographer currently living in Allouez, WI. Her photographs of houses and barns of Northern Wisconsin are geometrically precise, infused with a keen sense of stillness. She is a Wisconsin native and has practiced the art of photography for over thirty years.  Her body of work, “Door County and other Northern Places,” can be viewed at

Do you want to be CoPA's Featured Artist at an upcoming ART Milwaukee ART Jamboree?

Please submit your entry at the online form here. You will be required to log in to the website to complete the entry form. Please be prepared to submit a bio, a short exhibition history and up to five images of photographs you would plan to show at the event.

Submissions to be a CoPA Featured Artist at a future ART Jamboree are ongoing. CoPA will need a total of 10 Featured Artists in 2012. Selected artists for each monthly event will be notified by CoPA as soon as possible. Artists will receive detailed instructions about displaying artwork from ART Milwaukee's Curator approximately three weeks before the ART Jamboree in which they will be featured.