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Our Sponsors


Sponsorship gives the organization access to the CoPA membership which is nearly 200

members strong and growing. The degree of access is differentiated by level.

Silver Level ($300/year)

♠ Posting of the company's logo on the CoPA website.

♠ Open invitation to attend CoPA's monthly member meetings, held on the second

Tuesday of every month, beginning at 6:30pm.

♠ One annual personal membership at the Sustaining level.

♠ Sponsor identification in the CoPA newsletter.

♠ Opportunity to provide coupon specials in the CoPA monthly newsletter.

♠ Logo presence at the CoPA Annual Members' Exhibit.

Platinum Level ($500/year)

♠ All benefits at the Silver level, plus the following additional benefits:

♠ Opportunity to provide a ½ hour presentation, once per year at a CoPA member meeting

(arranged through the Programming Committee Chair).

♠ A page on the CoPA website dedicated to the sponsoring company.

♠ Posting of company information on Facebook.

♠ Corporate booth at the CoPA Annual Members' Exhibit.

♠ Free 30-60 second thumbnail promotional video.

Sponsorship Duration and Exclusivity

Sponsorship is for a period of one year. Sponsorships are non-exclusive.


For more information, contact:
Development Co-Chairs
Jerry Styberg |
Jim Schaff |


Download a Sponsor application here